Damn you, Taurus!!

” You can’t do everything, you are not Superman . . . . . “

Well, it’s sound a lil bit sarcastic, but we have to admit it that’s true. We can’t handle every single thing by ourselves, even If we’d like to. Have you ever been in that situation? When you think everything’s under your control, but then you realize everything’s not under your control. I know how it feels, because I’ve been in that situation for many times. Let’s say I’m well experienced in this stuff. Hahahahaha. My problem is I always think and quite sure that I can handle all the stuff around me. Unfortunately, sometimes I’m wrong. I have to admit that my ego is bigger than my brain. I just want to be the leader, I want to be the problem solver. If I were in the DC COMICS, I want to be the Batman, not the Joker. I don’t know if it’s related or not, but my zodiac is Taurus, and some people told me that Taurus are lil bit arrogant and – like what I’ve said – always want to be the best one. Taurus only know one number, which is numero  uno. They hate being in the second place, this is how Taurus behave. Taurus and of course me often think ” If the others can do this, so do I. ” or ” I will be the best “. Call me selfish 🙂

The other bad thing from Taurus is, we sometimes jealous with other’s achievement. Even if it’s our friend who get those achievement, we still hate it. I feel like such a bad guy 🙁 That’s the reason why I always want to handle anything by myself. I want to get the attention. Nobody can take the attention away from me. In some cases, it drives my crazy. I often take my mind to highest point, or let’s say the boiling point. It happens when I think that everything’s ok but suddenly I realize everything’s just messed up 🙁  At this moment I feel so stupid and just blaming my bad idea. And there’s nothing I can do but finish all the stuff by myself whatever it takes. 

From now, I learn that I can’t do everything cause I’m not Superman

It’s just a quick writing about my random thought.
Happy Monday!!!