A Really Note to Myself

It’s been almost 6 months since I start my first job. September, was my first time had my job as an Account Executive in a digital agency. Well, sometimes life offers you thing you never expect before. I never thought that I would leave my final paper for works. Yap, currently I left my paper. Unfinished. I will come back for it. Later.

One thing that I know about working, it’s not always fun. It is tough, it is hard and sometimes it slaps you right on your face. As a young man, I haven’t got much experiences in this cruel world. Well, we know people says “experience is your best teacher”. So we can say I just have not-the-best teacher. And by time, I realize that experience is not the best teacher. It is the evilest teacher you could have. We all must have a very scary teacher when we’re child. Can you remember your most scary teacher? Try to remember his or her face. Imagine he or she is sitting right in front of you, watching you as you work on some papers. He or she bring a long steel ruler. Like a batter, he or she is ready hit you like a home run if you made a mistake. Even a very small mistake. And when you think you’re doing it right, BAAAAAAAM, your teacher just have a home run, on your face!!! Without information what’s wrong with your work, your teacher just slap you. Bring you down to the deepest and coldest place you could ever imagine. No sign, no warning, just a hook right on your belly. Leaving you laying on the floor, crying, holding on your belly. Well, that sums up how experience teaches you.

And that happens recently in my life. A lot. The hardest thing about this is not how you face the “home run”. You will just feel hurt a little bit while your teacher slap you. But it is the post-home-run process that really hard. I must admit, it could be really hard to get up once again after you’ve been hit really hard. You will feel so scared. You will feel inferior. You start thinking that you’re just a piece of shit in this big bad world and no one will like you. You will see other person like they have a bad thought about you. These all are caused by a mistake. Mistake that could happened to everyone. I’ve figured out a way to overcome this post-home-run syndrome and I got nothing. Until I watched this video from TED. 
This video says that the only person could help you from post-home-run syndrome is yourself. You have to believe in yourself that you could get up once again. If you don’t believe it, no one else will. Question : “How can I convince myself if I still could get up when I’m still laying on the floor?” The answer is : letter for yourself. We – you and I – have done lot of things and unfortunately also lot of mistakes. But, we all must have done lot of great things. This is the point we need to remember. Beside the mistakes we made, we also had achievements. First thing you need to is : type a letter that congrats you for every good thing you’ve done and send it yourself. Sounds like a personal brag list, isn’t it? It’s okay. That’s the point. Try to type letter to yourself as much as possible. It will be your personal supporting team when you’re down. When you really need supports but nobody’s there. Your letter will always be there. You can send it to your mail or hang it beside your mirror. It could be anywhere. Every time you need it, just open it. Every time life gets harder, you have your personal back up.

Well, I think I will start doing this letter to myself method. Since I believe that I will have lot of hard situation in the future. And where will I keep it? I will keep all my letters in this blog. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but you can see that my blog have a title “Note to Myself”.

So, let’s start sending your own self letters.