Well, this is my first post in 2017. I will not write much. I just want to recap how 2016 was for me. Simply as a note for myself.

Basically, 2016 was great for me. It was just like another years, but with different responsibility to hold.
Early in 2016, I came back to Solo after spending almost 7 months working in Jakarta. My top priority was: working on my final assignment and starting my own company. 

So, yeah, I finally had my own company – It’s Banana and Solocult – running this year. It’s Banana is a digital agency, and Solocult is a new media about Solo. Unfortunately, Solocult has to stop for a while. I hope Solocult will be active again early in 2017.

2016 has taught me things. How to maintain a company, how to manage people, how to negotiate with client, how to manage time. For me, 2016 was a real proof of “Experience is the best teacher”. I had no experience on running a company, so I need to learn every single day. Because every single day, there’s a problem welcoming me 🙂

2016 has taught me that if you have a plan, just do it! Do it by yourself! Don’t wait for others! Some said, “If you want to go far, go together. But if you want to go quick, go by yourself”. But for me, “If you want to start something, start it by yourself”. Don’t wait the others. One man show is far more flexible.  One man show is far more efficient. Do it by yourself for a while, at least until everything is steady. Later on, you can recruit others in order to help you.

2016 has taught me that show must go on, no matters what. I need to make sure that my team in It’s Banana could survive month after month. No matter what, show must go on.

2016 has taught me that sometimes network is far more important than your skill. Sometimes, network could take you to places that you never imagined. Just by spending a couple hours with your colleague.

2016 has taught me that it’s okay to make the wrong move. I did make wrong moves. But it’s okay. It’s not about to prevent the wrong move, it’s about what you do after you make the wrong move.  2016 has taught me how precise your plan is, there is always be some shits that will ruin it. Trust me.

That was my 2016 in a wrap. What’s for 2017? I need to have my final assignment done and execute some ideas in my mind.

We’ll see how it goes 🙂