Make Positivity Louder by Gary Vee

I just  recently become Gary Vaynerchuk’s listener.  It was started when one  of my friend gave me Gary’s video about “what to do after college”.

“Wow, this guy is crazy but true. Enough said, he just told us all the truth. Not in the most convenient way, but in the most striking way. He did not sugar coating the ugly truth. Because it is what is.”

That was my first impression on him. And so, yeah, I regularly check on his content. All his content is great. It’s clear. It’s straight to the point. It is sound real. He will tell you every single aspect that will come to you in this rough life. Well, nobody said that life is easy. 

And a few weeks ago, I watch this  and it blown my mind. 

Gary reminds me that the world today is surrounded by negativity. We can find it around the corner. Your work mates spread the negative vibes, your school buddy does the same. Simply said, everybody do the thing, and social media make it event worst. Social media is filled with hate speech, endless complain about almost anything, mean comment or argument.  The worst thing about bad vibes is, it is damn contagious.

Here’s what Gary said about negativity:

“Everybody get their own stuff, and nobody cares. You are complaining to an empty air. Once you realized that you are complaining to an empty air, you will go to another direction”

Yeah, we all do post some shitty complain in our social media. We just don’t realize that NOBODY CARES ABOUT OUR SHITTY LIFE. Excuse my language, but it is the truth. If you complain about how your company treat you, no one will do anything for you. It is all on you. If you feel you deserve a better company, all you need to is submit your resign letter and find a new company. DONE. Just do something, instead of complaining.

Gary gives me a new perspective in living my life. 

First. Bad vibes only give you bad effect. If you are filled with negativity, it will affect on how you feel during the day. Well, you will never be able to smile when you are filled with tons of negativity.

Second. Bad vibes is contagious. Your negative co-worker could make you negative too.  But, when you are positive, you can also make another become positive.

Third. We all need to be louder in shouting positivity on social media. Well, social media is quite negative now, and it is our fault. It is because we allow negative people louder in social media. It is us that should spreading positivity on social media. 

Fourth. Instead of cursing or complaining, you can just do something to change it. There is no need to spend your time, energy and positivity on complaining to an empty air.

Spread the positivity 🙂