Thank You

By writing this, I just want to say “thank you”.

To everyone who involved in my whole life. For almost 24 years wandering around in this journey called life, I’ve been meeting tons of peoples.

All I can say is, everyone who have come to my life just make me who I am today. No matter how and why they fill my life.

We can’t deny that our society, our colleague, our friend, our circle will bring some impact into our personality and life.

Maybe, we become someone better because we’re dumped. Maybe, we learned something new because we’re rejected. Maybe, we learned to fight because we’re intimidated. Maybe, we tried our best because we’re loved.

Every each person who come into your life, shape who you are.

So, don’t forget to thank them. All of them.

They who support you.
They who hate you.
They who put you in a trouble.
Or they who give you joy.

Tell yourself, “I wouldn’t be who I am today, I they weren’t exist.”