Connect: verb
bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established.

We are all connected everyday. We are wired to enormous number of people out there. Thanks to social media.

But, do we really connect?
For some reasons, I think that social media connection is sometimes overrated. Let me explain why

First, in my perspective, the connection made on social media, mostly are superficial. You post something, people see your post, and if you are lucky you will get engagement (likes, comments, shares). As a person who’s diving in social media stuff, I can say that engagement is easy. It only needs less than 2 seconds to tap the like button. It only needs less than 5 seconds to think for a while and hit the share buttons. It maybe need more than a minute to post a comment (depend on the context. If it only: cool, it is less than 3 seconds). Let me ask you a question. “What is the last post you liked?” I bet, only few of you can answer this simple question.

And we are all in the standard where that how a connection supposed to be done. We are all focusing only on social media, and forget the essence of a connection.

Like is easy, getting a real connection is the real deal. It is the real connection that matters. Not how many likes you get or how many followers you have now. If there is no real connection, then what is the point? Social media is good for raising awareness, make people know that you are exist. But you need more effort if you want to make a real connection. Here’s a few things you can do:

  1. Try to make a real engagement.
    No, it is not only about likes. It is about making a real connection with whoever it is on your social media. Try to make a conversation. Try to create a meaningful content and reply any feedback in a good manner. Do not just reply with OK, Yes, thank you, and another end word. Reply and give your followers another feedback. Make it like a real conversation in a real life.
  2. Do not seek number. 1000 likes are good, but you need more than just a number. It is always quality over quantity. As a digital consultant, I prefer working with influencer with less than 2000 followers to influencer with massive number of followers (let’s say 100.000). Because influencer with less than 2000 followers tend to have a real connection with its followers. I do not say this is always happening like this, but moslty it happens like this. Brand will also find more value in influencer with real connection. Because they build a relation with their followers. Their followers have trust on the influencer.
  3. Do not put all your effort only on social media. There is another media that quite effective. It is called a meeting. Go offline, do a real connection, meet a person in real life. Have a coffee together, talk, get to know each others. Thus, you will get a real connection.

That is all. Go, make a real connection now.