Can You See Where Will You Be in the Next 5 Years?

I’m trying to be more spontaneous in filling up this blog. Why? Because it’s meant to be a note for myself. It suppose to be place for my memory, my steps, my journey. I shouldn’t be too serious about taking note for myself. I just need to write anything come across my mind. I just need to write anything.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Where will I be in the next 5 years?”

No? Then you need to try ask yourself that question. A question that may give you a new perspective. When you see the bigger picture, you will find a new way to see everything. And it will impact the way you operate in this fairly short life.

That question, can be your guideline in making decision.

Whether your decision would take you closer to where you picture you are in your mind, or it wouldn’t.

Well, life is too short and full of uncertainty. It would be a lil bit hard, if you hadn’t a guiding stars for your own journey.