Choosing the Right Choice

How to choose a right choice?
That’s one million dollar question. If I had the exact answer, I could be one rich guy, maybe.
Too bad, I don’t have the exact answer. But, the good new is, I have-maybe-a framework that can be helpful for others in choosing a tough choice. In the branding fields, there’s a term called “brand core value”. It’s the basic value every brand have. It’s the most basic things that will guide us. Some people, use it consciously, some people don’t.

I’m not gonna tell the way to find brand core value.
I’m gonna show how brand core value can help us in choosing.

First, brand core value is five till seven points that really describe you and drive your behaviour. In my case, my core value could be like this:
1. Helpful
2. Proper
3. Active
4. Impactful
5. Systematic

Second, each person does have its own core value.
Once you know your own value, here’s what you can do when you’re in doubt.

Take a look at your own core value.
Take a look at whoever involved in the choices’ core value.
Then, make sure your core value and whoever involved in the choices’ core value, have something in common. It doesn’t have to be 100% similar. At least 70%-80% similar.
The more familiar, the easier it will be. If you only have one or two similar core value, maybe you shouldn’t take that choices.

Here’s a brief example.

I get an offer from one company. From my observation, I can list this company value as:
1. Proper
2. Helpful
3. Progressive
4. Compact
5. Systematic

We can see, I personally have 3 value that similar with the company core value.
It’s a good sign for me. Make me easier in deciding whether I take the offer or not.

It’s not as simple as I explain in this blogpost. Because, we have to find our own core value first. Check other’s core value, and compare it with ours.
The only way to understand this way, is by start trying this method.

Let me know, if this method works for you.