Is It Too Hard to Start a Conversation?

Having a conversation is simple, but also hard to do.
When did the last time you have conversation with a complete stranger?
When did the last time you start a conversation?
When did the last time you have a good conversation that made you feel like you can talk about anything?

What’s the problem with having a conversation?
Why some people feels like it’s very hard to initiate a conversation?
In my opinion, we tend to see conversation as a transaction. We’re willing to start a conversation when we see some benefits. Human will always look for any kind of incentive (economic, social, or moral. Well, how if we change the perspective? We’re having conversation purely for making connection and interaction with another human being. No other motivation. Maybe, it can help us. Once we have no intention, we will be more objective. A whole new perspective and topic to be talked about will just appear. 

I’ve been trying this approach for a while.
I just want to be genuinely honest and open for any conversations. Even when I’m having a conversation with potential client. No intention to seal the deal. It feels more natural and genuine.
Because we never knew what would come to us after the conversation.
Just open your mind, be present, listen to others, and you’ll be surprised by the conversation.