Leaving a Good Track

Eventually, we’re all gonna die. When the time comes, we have nothing left in this world.
Except, maybe, some stories about ourselves, told by others.
I imagine, one day I have kids. And when I leave this world, my kids can still track my thought, what I’ve been doing in my life. I hope it can be useful for my kids, to be a guidance. This is one of the reason why I try to document every single things on my blog. Maybe, one day my family or another people wanna track my thought after I’m gone. Who knows.

Okay, maybe some people think I’m doing too much on this.
But, here’s the point. Now, we leave tons of digital track record. I have no idea whether it’s permanent or not (you need to ask a more technical guy regarding to this topic). Yes, we do have some digital track record left behind every single day. If we do aware of that. Why don’t we just leave a good digital track record? Maybe, one day, others will see it and inspired by it. Maybe, one day, one of our family member will see it and get know about us better. One good thing on digital, can lead to another bigger thing. You will never knew that what you post on digital could mean a lot for others.

It doesn’t have to be big.
It just have to be positive.
Shall we?