One Day One Blogpost

Just watched Thefutur video with Seth Godin. And there are some stuffs that really hit me hard. Here’s one of those stuffs.

In the video, Chris Do said that Seth Godin is super active in blogging. He, even always post one new post every single day. The reason is simple. Seth Godin said that if we already had 100 blogposts in 100 days, then we can tracked all our progress, thought, and ideas. 

This is pretty interesting. And I commit to try to post at least one blogpost every single day for few reasons.

First. I started this blog as a reminder for myself. To remind me how I saw the world and my thought about it. I think Seth Godin’s idea is suitable with my purpose on blogging.

Second. I just want to challenge myself. Just want to see how far I can do this certain things. I’ll just want to see how this routinity effect myself.

Third. Consisteny and persistent is always hard to do. I want to break that premis.

Well, let’s see how this commitment will goes. One day, one blogpost. It can be anything. It doesn’t have to be a long one. It can be short. It can contains my thought, ideas, oppinions, or whatever things come accross my mind.