The Best Resources Anyone Can Have

“I don’t have the resources”

That is the most common responses I have ever faced everytime I told someone to try something they really wanted. Weird, because when you want something really bad, you will do anything for it. My braind just can’t process this. There must be something wrong. There must be a missing link, that people always responded me with that line.

For some period of time, I thought that resources refers to capital resources, or human resources. Well, I have to admit that finding those two resources is no easy task. I’ve been running businesses since 2014, I had more than enough experiences on those two resources. But, then I realized. In this era, where you can do anything, find anything, create anything, learn about anything, through internet. There’s a shifting on the term of resources. You don’t need to have million dolars on your pocket, just to start your own company. You can run it online.
You don’t need to go to some formal educational institution, just to learn about something. You can learn in online.

The best resources you have with you, is your time.
Time is something money can’t buy. Make sure you use your time in a very responsible way. You can use your time for browsing trivia on internet, or use your time for learning things you really want and become an aficionado. 
You can use time for having fun on online game, or use your time for managing your team through online project management platform (if you have one already).

You can have your time back.
Once it’s gone, it’s gone.
Be really careful on how you spending it.
You have the same amount of time with the other people in this world.
24 hours a day, and there’s certain people that can make the best of it. Why you can’t?