The Ripple Effects

Have you ever looked at ripple on water? Just because of small stuff you throw, you can create a ripple. The funny thing is, it’s not only a single effect. The ripple, will get bigger from the starting point.

That’s what I-personally-call The Ripple effects.

In last few months, I’ve got chances to enjoy a whole new experiences. Something I never felt or had before. I got the chance to give lecture on campus. It’s all started when my friend, who’s a lecturer, offered me to help her give lecture related to marketing on her class. An offer that I accepted with no hesitation. I’ve been sharing my knowledge through, and now I got the chances to share my knowledge on campus, it couldn’t be better! So, I took the opportunity. I only wanted to share what I knew, withouth thinking about other factor, like “Will I be paid?” or “Is it worth my time?”
Screw it! I knew I’d be enjoying it, so I naturally just took it.

And, miracle started working right after I took the first opportunity.
My own campus, offer me to give lectur on classes! It’s even more surprising, because the offer is not coming only from my faculty. It makes me realize, sometimes you just need to take the opportunity you have right in front of you. Because you never knew that the opportunity you took would bring you another opportunity.