2018: A Jet Coaster Ride with Invisible Track

Well, this is the last day of 2018. Good time to do some review on how this year been going for me personally.

If I have to describe 2018 briefly, I’d go for “A jet coaster ride with invisible track”.
Yes, a jet coaster ride will always bring you up and down. Giving you that weird sensation on your stomach. Barely able to understand what’s happening. You just know that you’re on a crazy track. You just get along with that. Hoping everything will be just fine. Hoping you’re not going to vomit. Yes, that is a jet coaster ride. Challenging enough? Let’s add one spectacular ingredient, an invisible track. Imagine having a jet coaster ride, but you can not see the track. You have no idea whether it will be an up, down, or a loop. That’s how my 2018 went.

Start in January. My company got the chance to deal with a national brand. It’s a thing I personally never expected during 2018. But, it’s happened. It’s my first invisible up. We sealed the deal! Everything is good with this business commitment. Things happened here and there, but everything still good. Had to push myself to my limit to handle some stuff, but everything just fine. It’s tiring, but exciting.

Mid of the year, was one of the most exhausting moment during 2018. Broken hearted and tried to finish my study. Well, I spent 7 years in university (it’s the available limit a student can have in my university). And I got to finish it in July 2018. To be precise, I need to have my final paper done on 31st July 2018. You know what? I had my final presentation on 30th July 2018. Yes, I know maybe you think I’m crazy. From May – July, I only focused on this final paper topic. Barely able to sleep just because I need to get things done. And also thank to my office stuff that also need to be done. It was crazy. Finally I decided to took a break for a while from office just so I can concentrate on my final paper. Long story short, I did it. For additional surprises, I got the chances to submitted my final paper on an International Publishing Event. Shout to everyone who’ve helped me finishing my study! It’s too much to mention, but you all know I owe you a lot!

2018, means it’s been a year for my business to be on the game. It feels so great knowing that I able to keep this business sustain. Both StudiBrand.inc and Share.inc just pass the first year. Hoping there will be the second, third, forth year, and so on. 2018 also gave me a whole new experiences. Right after the graduation ceremonial in October, my friend offered me to have a class on her university (she’s a lecturer). With no hesitate, I took the offer. No expectation, just did it cause I love it. Turns out from one offers, it become bigger. I got another chances to gave lectures in my campus. 

2018 also gave me a moment to rest and took a break. It’s 27 October 2018. I got hospitalized due to some problem with my stomach. It’s my first time ever in hospital. Felt bad, but now I know my limit. Every person has its own limit, and I’m lucky enough to know my limit before something really bad happens to me. I got hospitalized, so I missed my brother engagement. Well, bad things happened, right?

2018 means welcoming new family member. Both on my real family, and on my business family. My brother just had married, so I know officially have a sister in-law. It’s pretty exciting. On the biz, my StudiBrand.inc family also grew. We added more family member. We made the family a lil bit bigger and more solid. My StudiBrand.inc family, is one of the best thing happened in 2018. Without them, I couldn’t do big thing. Thank you, Nandha, Ilham, Ebek, Arinta! You’re rock!!

2018 been really tough for me.
I learnt about sadness, exhaustion, struggle, opportunity, and family.
I couldn’t say that my 2018 was suck. No. It’s a good one.
It’s one fine invisible track jet coaster ride. With invisible track, I never knew what’s going to happens. But I’m sure it’s right in front of me, whether it’s the up or the down. I just need to be prepared. Ready for any kind of scenario.

Thank you 2018, for making me who I am today.
2019, I welcome you!!