Best Time to Get Things Done

Just watched this Casey Neistat video and it blowed my mind.
On that particular video, Casey specifically tell his daily activity. Start from the very beginning, till he pass out.
Casey says, his most effective and productive windows is from 05.00 – 07.00. It’s the time when he does most of his works. Why? Because the resistance is pretty low. No one talks to him. No phone call. No distraction. It’s just him, his mind, laptop, and bunch of works need to be done (or delegate).

Then I realise that maybe each person has his/her most productive time. Why? Because each person has different resistance. I mean, single man or woman, won’t get distracted by the a child. Them who live in their own house have different approach with them who live on boarding house. Right? There are so many factor in considering which time has the best effect for our productivity.

Mine, is early in the morning or in the middle of night.
Why? Distraction is pretty low. It’s the time when I can think lots of thing.
Specifically, I use morning to plan all things I need to along the day. When you’re having a team, delegating task is no easy thing to do. 
And I use my midnight time to think deeply. About my plan. About works. About what I’m gonna do next with my businesses. It’s fascinating how different time frame can give you different productivity.

So, have you figured out your most productive time?
When? Tell me with the reason why, if you don’t mind.

This blogpost was written after I spent 2 hours of delegating task & checking all works done by my team. 05.00 – 07.00 definitely my best time to get things done.