Day 14: Still Going Strong

It’s been two weeks since I decided to do one blogpost everyday.
So far, no significant problem come along the way.
It’s been very smooth and good. 

First, I don’t see this activity as a burden.
It’s something I live with everyday. Just like I eat everyday, now I write everyday.
I don’t even have to think about it. I skipped one or two blogpost just because I was exhausted. But I paid it on the next day. Two blogpost in one day.

Second, no more mental block when looking for topic.
Before this routine, I always failed to write because I couldn’t decide what to write.
It ended up with my self just sat and stared to the blank pages.
No more, blank pages. I even can find few interesting topics every single day. 

Third, I start finding my own voices during this activity. 
For almost 3 years, since this blog started, I’ve been trying so hard to find my own voices. What differ my blog with the others? Is it about the language I use? Or is it about the topic?  Or what? And now, my question finally find the answer.

What can I learn from this one day one blogpost decision?
Once you do something for yourself, everything will just come and happen naturally.
You won’t think about too much things, like what people say. Because you do it for yourself. Others appreciation is just another bonus. But, it’s not the goal.
Have you ever thought about others appreciation when you need to decide what to eat? No. It’s the same thing. Just apply that mindset to anything you do, or you want to do.
I know, in this digital era, it’s too hard not to see others opinion. But, just focus on what you’re doing. The rest will just follow. 

The other thing is, I realise if we still feel something’s very hard to do. Or we see it as a burden, maybe it’s because we don’t really want to do it. Maybe, we do it, not because we want to, but because the circumstances make us to do it.

Well, I hope this simple piece of writing can be helpful for others.
Enjoy the weekend!