Finding a New Circle

So, one of my friend felt like her life just stuck. Not moving. Stay still. You name it. After having conversation for a while, we conclude maybe my friend just need to find a new circle, tho. Why? Imagine, she has been hanging out with the same circle for maybe around 8 years. Well, at some point, you’ll get bored eventually.

Frankly speaking, I’ve been through this situation. Back on 2016, I felt like my life just stuck. It grow no more. Just like what my friend feels now. I decided to find a new circle. I just need some fresh air. I just need to explore another new things. And it started by finding new circle. We tend to prefer having circle that similar with us. Based on interest, educational background, age, skill, etc. But, that’s what make it’s boring. Too similar. No new idea to explored. Right? Try to find a circle that looks different with yourself, and you’ll get tons of new things. Now, I can hang out with people who’s 15 years older than me and people who’s 10 years younger than me. I can talk with people with different interest, culture, educational background. It keep my mind working. It keep my knowledge growing. This is what makes me learn more and more.

I never regretted the decision for finding a new circle. Because it changed how I see society and the way I operate in it.