Maybe They Know Something I Don’t

As a man who sell services, I’ve met many different people.
My client or potential client come from different age, occupation, educational background, businesses conditions, priority, number of family member, marriage status, etc.
The point is, my job forces me to meet new faces.

Maybe, other will think, as a consultant, I should be perfectly intelligent in front of my client. Well, they hire me. They pay me. I should merit their expectations, right. No. On my expertise, I can lead the conversations. Related to brand and digital, I can give them recommendations. Well, that’s my job, but outside that, oftentimes I learn something from them as well.

Sometimes, I learn about family from them who’ve married.
Sometimes, I learn how different businesses actually work.
Sometimes, I just learn simple thing like book recommendations, or fashion brand recommendations.
I always believe maybe someone know something I don’t.
With that mindset, I’m ready to learn from anyone at anytime.