Maybe, You Haven’t Realised How Far You’ve Grown

We tend to think that we’re stuck, because we can’t see our progress.
Trust me, it’s very hard to see how far we’ve been growing.

I don’t know with the others, but I tend to being too subjective when talking about tracking progress. I don’t want to being too cocky. Oftentimes, I underrate my own self. I think I just want to make sure my feet are still on the ground. I just want to keep my head down. Being humble is precious now.

But, this kind of perspective is sometimes bad for my own mind. Because sometimes I forget to appreciate myself. For what I’ve been through. I know it may sounds naive. Appreciating my own self is kinda important too. Although it feels really weird to congratulate my own self for anything that I’ve been doing. 

For me, the best evaluator is my environment. People around me. Why? Because they know my process. They, maybe remember how bad I was, and can compare it with who I am today in an objective perspective. We, maybe won’t admit the failure we had before. But others, may remember it pretty well.

I think it’s good to live surrounded by honest environment.
Them, who will compliment me for what I’ve done and remind me when I’m being too stupid and reckless.