Merry Christmas

This post won’t be long.
It will be short and brief.

Just wanna say Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it.
I spent 6 years on Catholic elementary school, so Christmas is not something new for me.
Those 6 years, were wonderful. Those 6 years, had taught me so many things about appreciating differences. Me and my friend were under 12, but we understood how to appreciate differences. For 6 years, Christmas was on my calendar. I felt happy as if I celebrated Christmas. Why? Because I knew my friend celebrated it, and it brought them joy. Why couldn’t I be happy knowing my friends are happy? They’re doing the same when I celebrate Idul Fitri. We just appreciate the differences. I really love that experiences.

Now, I just wanna say Merry Christmas for everyone who celebrate it!
May this Christmas will bring you joy and peace!!