Now, What Do You Want to Change?

“Well, I know there’s something we can do about it.”
That simple words, can be the beginning of an innovation. 
That simple words, can motivate people to create and change things they don’t like.
Even it still sounds unclear, it resonates spirit and will.

I just wish most people can have this kind of positive and optimistic perspective.
I know, things don’t go just like what we want. And I know, changing or creating things are no joke. But, it’s even better to wondering how things should be, than just protesting and giving endless critiques. Why, instead of mumbling to things we don’t like, we just asking ourselves, 
“What can we do about it?”
“How can we change it?”

Oftentimes, those questions will lead you to complex thought and fear. But, be strong, it is a privilege for innovator. We never knew how simple questions like that could create bigger impact to others, or even world.

Now, what do you want to change?