Trying to be Different? Why not Try to be Authentic Instead?

Now, everyone try very hard to be different.
But, is different enough? In the era where everyone can show the world anything they do, I think we need more than just being different. Let me explain you why.

Different. We tend to see the outer part of people to see differences. It’s mostly only the observable stuff. The way one person look. In the social media era, we see it in the form of the quality of photos used. The aesthetic news feed. It’s only about the beauty. But, is it enough? Think for a while, is it that hard for us to touch up some photos and make it look like the way we want? Now, we don’t even have to understand complicated software like Adobe Photoshop for spicing up some photos. We just need,maybe, VSCO or Snapseed and we’re good. In the term of visual look, it seems like everyone can do what others do.
It’s good if we can find one particular character in visual that differ us, but it’s not enough.

Instead of being different, why not try to be authentic? What’s authentic? According to Google, authentic means original, genuine. If we’re talking about personal entity, a person is authentic because of all the experiences he had. Being authentic means being who you are. It is honest from the deepest part of your heart. I do believe, there’s no two exactly similar person in this world. Why? Because each of individuals made upon unique characteristic, both tangible (physical appearance) and intangible (emotional, intellectual). Two person may look physically same, but I bet they have two different interest, purpose, and skill. Further, they surely have different background (family, educational, cultural). So, we clearly have two different person. Wait, why we’re still talking about differences? Being authentic will surely make you different. But being different, doesn’t mean you’re really authentic.

Now, think.
Who are you?
What makes you authentic?
What makes you, you?