We’re Competing with No One

Is it possible to live without competition?
Why not?

Why we always think it’s a must to have a competitor, especially in business?
Why if we don’t see others as competitors?
It’s only matters of perspective and mindset.

The first time I had my own business, I used to see others as competitors.
Every time I know there’s new business similar with mine, I marked it as competitor immediately. Until I started StudiBrand.inc, my perspective just shifted.

Instead of focusing on my competitor, I should put my effort and resources on my own self.
Instead of finding the weaknesses of my competitor, I should focus on my strength.
After implementing the new mindset, that I’m not in competition with anyone, business start getting better. It feels better, because I never burdened by the appearance of new business similar with mine. We’re even very glad if we know there’s new similar business started, because it means the creative ecosystem in Solo just start growing. 
In the term of collaboration, having no competition makes me and my team be more flexible in doing collaboration with any element in my town. Because we don’t have any intention and certain assumption toward other party involved. We’re genuinely want to grow together.

The next question-maybe-is,“Well, how you manage to get that mindset?”

First. After long and deep thinking that helped by few colleagues, I’ve found my own core value and StudiBrand.inc core value. What is core value? It’s the value who drive your behaviour. For both, I’ve found one similarity. Both I personally, and StudiBrand.inc, we just want to be helpful. We’re talking about really helping others by doing what we know. When you want to be helpful, you can’t be competitive. It’s two different approach. That’s why I can get the mindset of having no competitions.

Second. Mas Tatuk from Muara once said to me,
“The hardest way is to realise that we’re not trying to prove anything and not in the competition with others.”
I opened my eyes. I’m not trying to prove anything. I just want to help others through my businesses and expertise. Why should I try so hard thinking about competition when my strongest reason is about being helpful?

Third. Mas Dimas from Macmuro Studio once verified my thought about it.
When I got the chance to have the brand extraction process with him, he clarified,
“It’s okay to have no competition. As long as it’s what you really want and believe. Not something you do just because your current condition. Because condition will constantly changes.”

I know this perspective is not for everyone.
But, if you have ever thought about this concept, I just want to say,
“It is very possible to live a life or run a business without having competition.”