What You Say, May Impact Others

For around one year, I’ve been doing something that actually new for me.
Which is, being a speaker. Someone who speak and share about one particular thing he/she knows.

For me personally, I never thought I would reach this phase.
Everything started when the first Share.inc’s held on 2017. August, 2017 was the first time I had to speak in front of people mostly I didn’t know. After that, I’ve got some opportunities and offers to speak about brand and digital. Back on that earlier day, I thought about nothing. I just wanted to share anything I know. Maybe, it can be helpful for others. I didn’t really care whether it’s paid or free.

But, few days ago, my perspective just shifted.
One of my colleague-which is more experienced than me-said, that it is a massive role to be a speaker. Because even I don’t have any intention, but sharing, I still have social responsibility for what I shared. Is it accurate? Am I really doing everything that I talk about? He said, once someone get the privilege to be a speaker, they also get the responsibility. He added, some people just haven’t realised, everything they say under the label of speaker, could affect the way people think and see one particular topic. It can affect huge number of people.

No, I’m not gonna stop sharing.
As long as there’s other need my expertise, and I see what they need suits me, I will help.
As long as they want to learn from me, I will help.
But, now, I’m going to be way more careful when appointed to be a speaker.
No, I’m gonna be way more careful in any form of communication. Especially on social media.

Man, we need to realise that with huge power, come huge responsibility too.
Well, certain label, require more effort and sacrifice.