What’s Good About Habit

If you’re persistent enough, you will be able to turn anything you do, into a habit. What’s so special about habit? What makes it really good? How habit can change a person? This post will try to cover this particular topic, from my very own perspective. 

Habit, it’s very hard to start. And gets even harder to keep it that way.
My latest case about habit is this blogging habit. I’m trying to post one blog everyday (even I missed it in few last days). I’m making blogging as my new habit. Been doing it for around a month, I’ve found something related to habit.

The hardest part of starting new habit is to keep it consistent. The first two weeks, maybe, is the toughest one. You’re trying to shape a new routine you never had before. Can you imagine that? It must be tiring, and maybe frustrating. But, after a month, it’s gone. The pain is gone. Funny point, I will feel guilty if I miss my new habit. When I missed one blog yesterday (due to all my activity), I felt terrible. I don’t know why. Maybe just because I hate the break the chain of routine I’ve made before. Once it has become a routine, I hate to know that I break it on my own. I just want to keep the chain as long as I can. 

I think it’s the reason why bunch of people willing to go to gym regularly after work. Maybe, it’s because they have got the chain of going to gym after work, and they hate to break the chain no matter what. I believe, all of us, actually managed to have this kind of experiences unconsciously.

Now, what habit you want to start in 2019?