Why I Don’t Buy the Term “Coincidence”

I, personally, don’t buy the term “coincidence,” when we’re talking about opportunity.
Often times, people will reply that whatever just came to them just a coincidence. I used to think that way too. But, as I grow a lil bit older, I change my mind. Here’s why:

A big thing happens when two components meet. First, the opportunity. The second one is yourself. Opportunity won’t be a big thing if you’re not ready for it. But when you’re ready, without opportunity, it might be a lil bit hard. Darren Hardy, in his book “Compound Effect,” said big thing happens when you have the right attitude, mindset, and skill set to grab the opportunity. Let me explain it in a straightforward way.

Let’s say I’m a writer. The professional one, not only for this infamous blog. Fortunately, I have a good habit of writing. Every month, I always produce two or three drafts for a children book. It’s not about whether there’s a commission or not. I just do it. I was just sharpening my skill. One day, I meet a guy in the coffee shop. We have a talk. Turns out, he’s on the publishing business, and he needs few children book in a month. With no hesitation, I tell him I have at least 25 drafts for a children book. He’s interested, and we have the deal.

Time to review the whole thing.
First, the opportunity comes to me with no sign. I never knew who would I meet, wouldn’t I? I just meet this guy from publishing business that needs children book. The opportunity is right in front of me. Thank God, I already have the required portfolio. I’m 100% ready for the opportunity. So, the deal is sealed. Imagine if I don’t have the portfolio. Imagine if I’m not prepared. Will I get the deal? Maybe yes, maybe no. Perhaps this guy can’t wait for too long. Or perhaps I can prepare the draft in a couple days, but I’m pretty sure the result won’t be great. Get the point?

Often times, we’re doing what we do only when we see there’s an opportunity. I think it’s better if we’re doing it every time. So when the opportunity finally comes, we’re ready for sure. 

Now, do you still believe in the term of coincidence?