Age is Just a Number

Been doing biz for 3 years makes me realize a couple things.
First, there are lot of great young entrepreneur. Yes, hands down. No argue on that.
I’ve met amazing person that even younger than me. They’re great, passionate, persistent, and have the guts to handle huge things.

Being in the biz, gives you a huge responsibility. You’re in charge for keeping the biz alive, so you can take care of your team. It is a huge responsibility. It’s like you’re having a family and you need to feed them. We need to realize that responsibility is a serious one. And imagine, a very young person has already held that kind of responsibility. By seeing these crazy young person, I sometimes say to myself,”This man has really big responsibility for his age. Maybe, he’s holding bigger responsibilities than someone 3 times older than him.”

Age is just number when we’re talking about responsibility and behavior.
It’s the mindset that really matters. You don’t have to wait till you’re old enough to understand how responsibility really works. You just have to face it.

Some 25 years old person, carry a 45 years old person’s responsibility.
And maybe, the other way around.