Do Not Forget to Respect Yourself

Here’s one funny thing I learn lately.
We, tend to respect others more than we respect ourselves.
We, tend to do things greater in extent for others, compared to what we do for our own sake.

Simple example:
We’re okay to do some extra hours of work for the company, but we won’t do some extra hours to do some workout. 
We’re okay not to say what we actually feels just to avoid some awkward moment, while we’re actually angry inside.
We’re always doing the extra effort for others. Why we’re not doing it for ourselves?

Whoever read this blog, remember this.

“You’re worth more than what you may think. You’re as precious as others. You have to learn to put some respect on yourself, so other will respect you as well. Never thought that you’re worse than other.”

Now, please do anything on behalf yourself. Don’t do it for others.
It’s okay to put yourself on the top of the priority list.