Don’t Wait for a Perfection

Sometimes, we wait. We wait, for a perfection. We wait for the right moment to come to our life and take it. We wait, to be ready to do something. We expect for the right client with the perfect situation as we wish. We wait for a miracle to works on us.

What’s the result of this long waiting? None. We wait and wait, and all we do is just sit and do nothing. Have you ever experienced this? I personally believe that we won’t be 100% ready for anything. Often times, we do something we haven’t done before, and it’s totally fine. Why? Because humans have the ability to learn. We can see how things work, understand it and learn how to do it. We can analyze the problem, find what’s the root cause and try to solve it. Right? So, why we tend to wait for the perfect situation? Because we love making excuses. We like to blame others for any bad situation happens. Only a few people have the guts to stand and take all the credit for bad things. Right? So, because we’re scared something bad will happens and we have to take the credit for it, we just say, “I think I will wait for the next opportunity.”

One certain thing in life is, life will always change. It’s a fluid reality that will always change along the way. Do not be afraid. We have the ability to adapt, learn and change as well. Do not be scared, if we fail on something, at least we gain one or two things from it. Just keep learning, and everything will be just fine.