Don’t you get tired with all your daily activity?

I missed one blogpost yesterday, because yesterday was pretty busy. Me and my team had to go to Jogja for a video production. So, basically I was too tired to write a blogpost. I will pay it, by posting two blogposts today.

Lately, people tend to ask me one similar question.
“Don’t you get tired with all your daily activity?”
Maybe they are curious because I manage to handle business, attend meeting, supervise production process, read books, update my Instagram content, write blog, yet still have time to meet my friends.

Here’s the point. I’m doing all those stuffs because I love it.
Well, sometimes it’s exhausting for sure. But it doesn’t stop me. Why? Because I want it. I need to do it. Just like writing this blog. I even spend my time between two meeting just to write this. Can you tell me how much I love writing for this blog?

Of course sometimes I’m tired and bored. Here’s how I handle the temptation to stop.
It’s better to feel tired because of having many things to do, than to feel tired and confused because of not knowing what to do. Right?