Goodbye, Doesn’t Always Mean an End

I’ve written a post about a beginning or end before. You can check it here.
I believe different perspective will gives us different energy in facing a certain situation.
But now I want to make it even more specific.

We tend to see a goodbye as one sad moment.
It’s when we have to be apart from family, maybe.
Or it’s when we have to move to a new office.
Bold and underlined, goodbye means an end and sad moment.
Well, I can understand it. It’s hard to leave something or someone really important, when we have to say goodbye.

But, a goodbye also means we have a new chapter to pursue. We have another door open. We have another chances to do something we haven’t done before.
By saying goodbye to our old company, means we’re moving to another new company, that maybe offer a better experience.
By saying goodbye to our family, means we’re going to learn tons of new stuff while finishing study in another city.

A goodbye doesn’t always mean an end.
If we have another perspective, it means more than just an end. It’s the beginning of a new chapter. So, don’t take goodbye way too sad.