I Skipped 4 Days of Blogging

My last blogpost was posted on 4 January. Apparently I missed my rhythm. I lost my pattern. Well, it’s happened, and it made my think. What caused this?

As I review it, I find one major problem that makes me skip my blogpost routine.
Pattern. Yes, it is very important to have pattern for every single routine you have. I used to write blogpost early in the morning. Right after I finish preparing job desc for my team in StudiBrand.inc. I did it for more than a month and it worked. Sometimes I wrote after office hour, just because my morning was too busy. But it only happened for a few times. My pattern just gone right after new year. It was two days off for me and I thought that I just wanted to relax and enjoyed my holiday. So I skipped my morning routine. I skipped my blog writing, just because I thought I can finish it later. But, I was wrong. During the holiday, my schedule was messed up. And it keep happening till, at least, yesterday. I missed 4 day of blogging. 

Through this occasion, I learn that pattern is so important for human. When you already have a pattern for every single thing you do, just stick to it. Make it as your habit. Once you try to find an excuse to skip the pattern, you have to redo it again. And, different person may have different pattern. I like to do things in the morning, but do the thinking part when it’s late midnight. Go find your own pattern and stick to it. It’s the matter of consistency.