If You Want to Learn: Do Something

I’m the type of person who love to learn. I learn by reading, watching YouTube video, listening to others experiences, and so on. But, in my own personal opinion, the best way to learn is by directly doing and trying something. 

I can prepare myself by reading tons of book.
I can have all the knowledge needed from YouTube or others experiences. But I really need to do it own my own so I understand what’s really needed in the real life.
Now I’m pushing myself to learn about photography. I know always take picture poorly. I don’t have the capability to produce a decent picture, even for my own personal Instagram need. So, I promise myself to learn about it.

Since the day I made the promise, I’ve consumed tons of tutorials about photography. I read anything about composition, color harmony, editing fundamentals, anything related to photography. But it will never be enough till I try it on my own. I know what a good composition is, but I haven’t actually tried it. So I start taking picture, which feel terrible. All pictures taken were way far from decent. But it’s okay. I just started. There’s no way I can take super crisp photo in instant. I suggest myself that all I need is process. Learning by doing will teach my more effective than by only reading about it.

I think it can be applied to anything in this life. 
If you want to really learn about business, you need to start your own business.
If you want to be able to draw, you need to grab a paper and pencil and start drawing.

Having a knowledge is good. Doing something without knowledge can be harmful, but having all the knowledge without setting the real act is useless.