It’s Getting Late and It’s Good

It’s 22.00 already. For some people, it’s already late. Maybe, it’s time to crawl to bed and sleep. Or, maybe, it’s the right time to think.

I’m a morning person. I feel like I’m super efficient early in the morning. I start working around 6 or 7 in the morning. Scheduling my agenda for the whole day, checking some works, delegating stuff to my team, are my activities almost everyday. But I prefer evening for the thinking session. Yes, I like to think when it’s getting really late just like this. I don’t know, it’s just quite. Less distraction, means more focus on stuff I need to think. Less notification on phone, no one talks to me, no noisy traffic. It is just me and anything I have in mind.

Just like what I’m doing now. It is only me, my laptop, list of stuffs I need to think, and just few notifications on my phone. Perfect. So, are you a morning thinker, or night thinker?