Life is a Paradox

Paradox, a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true.

Yes, life is a paradox. Here’s why. Before continuing further, I need to claim that it’s based on my very subjective perspective. All comment or disagreement are welcomed here.

As I grew older, I’m trying to find the biggest question I probably have now in my 26 years of journey. “What’s the most important thing to have in order to live a good life?”
By doing trial error and lots of asking question, I assume the most important thing to have in life is finding the reason why we do everything we do.

By finding the why, it can help us when we feel like we’re going to give up on some big problems. This why should be a very emotional and personal reason. A reason that will keep our spirit on fire even we know sometimes life can be too rough to bear.

Okay, I’m having my why now. I feel I can survive this short yet excited journey called life.
But then something happens. I just had a deep conversation with Dimas Nur Cahyo of Macmuro Studio. For me, he’s one fine role model to follow. He’s a good person to be asked every time life and business seems pretty confusing.

We had a light conversation, that instantly shifted to a deep one because I asked this question,”So, what’s in your thought now? Is there a thing that somehow bother you now?”
Which he replied,”I’m question the reason why I’m doing my stuff now.”
He continued,”It’s getting blurry, whether I’m doing it because I really like it, or just because I know how to make money from this field.”

Okay, I agree, at some level money is really important. Money is good.

I’m not going to cover more about the presence of money in life. But here’s the point.
I thought finding the reason why was the most important thing in life. But, as time goes by, this strong reason even getting blurry. What stands as the most important thing at the first, shifting into something that blurry and cliche. The fundamental component become one thing that makes me start questioning what life is about for one more time. It’s a paradox. It’s just like an endless loop that will make your brain work over and over again.

As I my brain getting hurt, he added,”Well, that’s life. It’s about never ending process. It’s about trial and evaluation. Even for the most basic why, you still need to recheck it again periodically. Is it still my reason? Is it still the strongest reason?”

Well, it sounds like easy to handle. But I know for sure, the real life implementation won’t be easy to do. But, now I know for sure, I need to constantly have a review on my own life, just because life is a paradox.