Sometimes, Time Really Does Fly

When did the last time you just have a conversation with someone, and suddenly it’s 11 PM already? Felt like time did really fly. Felt like you’re entering a time wrap zone. Remember that experience and sensation? Good. Now, when did the last time you have that exact same experience on working? This second question need more effort to answered. When did the last time you really enjoy your work? You just sit in front of you computer, doing you job and suddenly it’s already 5 PM. Ever felt that?

If you need big effort to answer the second question, maybe you need to do some check on you job now. Is it something you really enjoy? Is there another big reason that make you stick to your current job? Or you never felt that time wrap experience? Remember, just because you’ve done it for a long time, doesn’t mean it’s the best for you. You still have tons of option out there.

What’s funny about this time wrap experience is how your brain can change the way you value and sense time. When you’re in joy, time feels like just gone. When you’re upset, it may feel like forever.