Don’t Wait Until You’re Big

Most people will wait. Yes, we do like to wait.
We are waiting for the ideal moment.
We are waiting for the perfect client.
We are waiting for the right partner.
We are waiting for the next offer.
We are waiting for being big to do something big.

It’s not wrong to do so, but there’s another way to try.
Let’s talk about waiting for being big to do something big. Most people are afraid to do something big because they think they need to be big to do it. “Well, who am I to do something massive?”
“Well, people haven’t known me yet. How could I get the attention?”
I am sure you can add another excuse on the list.

We need to see it in another perspective. First, it is something we do that make us big. Not the other way around. It’s easy to do something big when we already have the fame, but nothing is fancy about that. But it is not impossible to something big with what we have now. Maybe we’re no one right now; but with the right things to do, we can be someone. What we do, will make others notice our presence. Thus they will acknowledge us with a certain reputation. It is about starting doing and sees the result.

Second, it is about persistence. Doing something big will push us to be consistent and persistent. Starting is just the beginning; keeping it sustainable is the real challenge. And, does not correlate with whether we’re big or small. It is about the hustle. It is about the strong will to keep it real and consistent. We may start small, but with the right mindset and strong will, things will getting bigger. There is no one-night success. It will inevitably take time. Maybe months, or even years. The only thing we can do is, continue doing it over and over till it becomes big. 

The next time you’re afraid to do something big, remember this:
“It is what you do that will make you big, not the other way around. All it takes is strong will and persistence.”

Now, ready to do something really big?