The Essence of Collaboration

So many people say it’s time to collaborate. Yes, we all agree that collaboration is the thing now. But, how many of us that really able to implement the concept of collaboration? That’s the question we need to answer first.

By all means, I personally into collaboration. For me, the collaboration will open more opportunity for anyone involved. Whether it’s about connection, opportunity, experiences, or even material benefits. But those are the results. The end output. At the very beginning, we need to put those stuff aside. Why? Because collaboration needs trust and the same vision. We need to be honest and transparent in doing a collaboration. Let’s say, once we put money first, I bet the collaboration won’t be good and smooth. Why don’t we just put the quality of the collaboration first? Good stuff will bring you a good result (money) for sure. 

Further, collaboration has one significant barrier which is the competitive mindset. When doing a collaboration, we need to be open and transparent to any party involved. It’s a180 degree different with the competitive mindset. In competition, we need to put all our effort to be the best. We do something only for ourselves. In collaboration, we have higher goals. It’s a collaborative goal. It’s a collective project. There’s no me in collaboration. It’s us. We can not claim a collaboration as one man work. 

I recently have a great experience in collaboration. Two days ago, my team and I needed to visit Kudus. We have a project there. One interesting point is, we get this big project because of collaboration. One big design studio in Jogjakarta, Macmuro Studio, offered us to work together in one big project. With no hesitation, we take their offer. Why? First, I need to admit without this collaboration, I can’t get this kind of big project. Macmuro Studio is a studio design with years of experiences, portfolios, and networks. Few types of stuff that can’t beat. Secondly, this is a big project which needs to be tackled by quite big resources (manpower and roles). won’t be able to address this project with our current resources. Third reasons, we want to experience real collaboration. Collaboration on the level of professional works. We want to know how this collaboration will work and how it will impact every party involved.

Shoutout to Dimas Nurcahyo of Macmuro Studio for taking into this project. It’s an honor for us. Only man with a big heart and big vision can really lead a collaboration, and Dimas Nurcahyo is one of a kind. He’s the man who introduced me to a new scheme of creative works, where collaboration is at the center of it. Hopefully, there will be more collaboration between & Macmuro Studio. Hopefully, one day, can be the party who initiate the collaboration. Since day one, we never said we’re in a competition. We just want to help others, and by all means, collaboration is one tool to help others.