An Introduction: Why I Make Content

I never called myself a content creator. I know it’s weird. I do make content across several platforms, but I don’t think the term content creator fits me. It’s only my personal preference. I just don’t feel good using the term for me personally. 

If you know me for a while, you know I do create and share content through several platforms. This blog is one of the platforms I use. I share content on Instagram and Twitter as well. Here’s one thing I always remember every time I create and share content. I never did it for the number or fame. There are two main reasons why I create and share content.

First, because I want to. Yes. Just because I think about stuff, and I think it would be good to create a blog or Instagram story about it. I only create content that matters to me personally. If you have followed this blog for a while, you knew I use this blog mostly for my personal notes. Notes that may be in the future would be useful for me, or for my closest circle (my family, friend, colleague maybe). And maybe someone out there will find this content is useful in a way. That’s my first reason. I create content because I want to.

The second reason, because there is someone who wants to find out about one particular thing that I know. For example, I will write a blog post about brand and branding, if someone asks me about it and I think it’s better to explain it in the form of a blog post. It feels really good to be able to help others with my limited resources. You know, one small good thing can bring another bigger good thing. The point is, I just want to help others.

Here comes the main idea of this blog post. I love blogging. I love writing. But there some limitations in writing. First, it really takes time to write something (even in the Instagram story that requires less filter in the term of quality control). I need to write down the idea, read it again to make sure everything is clear enough and no bias idea on it. If you do write just like me, you know the struggle is real. The second one is, sometimes there are things that better explained not in the form of written text. You know, some questions are better answered through a conversation or at least spoken content. It’s been a problem for me in writing content. 

I actually had a plan to create content in a different form to solve the problem. I thought audiovisual or audio content can fix my problem. But I decided not to do it because I don’t think my thing is good enough. Until a few days ago, I met a young man named Firman Rafiandy. The vocalist of Vibes and the man behind Sasana Karya. We had a very good conversation, and he asked me why I haven’t shared content on YouTube. The conversation echoed in my head for a couple days, and finally, I decided to do it. You can listen to the reason I start sharing on YouTube through this piece of content.

I will share some thought and perspective on YouTube as well. Just like this blog, I will share content that matters to me or someone has asked me about. The difference is, I will cover certain content that more proper to be explained through spoken words.

Again, I mostly will use YouTube as my personal note just like my blog.
If there is someone out there feel it is useful and helpful, well, that’s a bonus for me.