Having Integrity in Social Media & Real Life

Social media sometimes is harmful to those who have no consistency and integrity. Why? Let me explain. In the social media realm, it is very easy to create any pieces of content you want. People will create pieces of content to build very specific images or reputation to the audiences’ mind. If you want to be perceived as a person who loves coffee, you only need to post a lot of coffee-related content. If you want to be perceived as a person who smart, you can post books and other smart stuff.

But the challenge appears when it comes to real life. You need to make sure in real life you are just like what you’ve posted in your social media. If you always post content about coffee, you need to prove that you really know anything about coffee in real life. If you post a lot of content about books you read, you need to show that your knowledge is really rich through your day to day conversation. Don’t be a person who looks very smart in social media, but knows only a little in real life. Be consistent between digital life and real life. You need to be like what your content on social media always shows. It’s called having integrity. With no integrity, people can just think you’re no reliable. Don’t make your content on social media be the one factor that will take your reputation down.