To Understand that Everyone is Special, is the Key to Authenticity

Each person was born with a very specific unique condition. Whether it’s the physical condition or the emotional & intellectual state.  The first component is more permanent and isn’t easy to tweak. You know, we can just add few centimeters to someone’s height. That is okay tho, your physical appearance will make you who you are. Maybe you’re that white, tall, black hair man. Or maybe you’re a short man with big eyes. By only identifying the physical appearances, we are already able to differentiate one person to another. 

Let’s add the second component. The emotional & intellectual state. It is more abstract and fluid. Means you can shape it and change it accordingly on your own will. You can learn a new language if you want. You can try to figure out how to play a musical instrument. Or maybe you’re interested in human’s behavior so you keen to learn about psychology. All those emotional & intellectual assets will also shape who you are. Let’s say there are two people with an exact similar physical appearance, I bet both of them have different interest, knowledge, and experiences. Thus make both of them different. Still, think you are not unique?

Let’s dive deeper. In your life, you will have tons of experience from your early day in elementary school until you’ve graduated from university. In every phase of your life, you will go through macro and micro-experiences that I personally guarantee is different from your colleague. Maybe you won a mathematics competition when you were in elementary school. Or maybe, you learned how to draw in high-school. Each individual has its own unique story and experiences. Still, think you are not unique?

If you have changed your mind and realize if you are, at some point, unique, it will become easier to embrace your authenticity. Being authentic means simply embracing your own uniqueness you got during life. Being authentic is not about pushing yourself into someone who is not you for the sake of being different. It is about understanding who you are and what makes you special. Have you done that?