You Know Something They Don’t

I’ve posted a blog about how people know something I don’t. It’s a good point of view that keeps me humble when meeting new people. In my mind, I’m repeating this mantra, “There will always something new I can learn from him/her.”

In this blog, I will share the opposite perspective. Not to make you become cocky, but to make you understand that you are, at some point, special.

Most people come to me and complain about the same thing regarding content creation. The basic problem is they are not sure what to talk about in their content. What’s bothering me is, they haven’t realized that they already have the content to talk about.  Let me elaborate it briefly. 

First, in making content, we tend to think about the visual or the execution first before we even thinking about the core idea. We jump into what picture will be used and another similar stuff. Let’s just slow down a little bit and start thinking about the whole idea first. Don’t rush into the visual stuff before we know for sure what the content is all about. In this phase, people may be confused because they think they have nothing interesting to talk about. Let’s move into the second point.

The second one, we always chase the sophisticated and complex stuff in order to impress others, don’t we? Why don’t we start it with the smallest part first? How? By realizing that we know something others don’t. For example, as a digital consultant, I know what engagement rate is in details. I can understand the concept and explain it to my client so they understand what is engagement rate. For me, the engagement rate is something small, because I knew it already for a long time. Here’s the interesting part. But, maybe there’s someone out there hasn’t understood what engagement rate is about. So, a simple thing that maybe trivia for me is valuable for others. If I create content that explains what is engagement rate, there is someone out there willing to read it. Right? What simple for us, may be valuable for others. Every person has its own unique knowledge and story that others don’t know. This can be a good foundation in finding a theme or topic for your content. You are unique. Don’t be afraid to speak and share what you know, because others may haven’t known about it yet.

This blog is inspired by one of my old friend’s tweet.
I like his spirit. 

Note this:

I will not care how many people will see my blog (or even see my tweet), but I am content if someone out there deemed my blog useful. Hope someone, somewhere enjoy my blog. So, cheers! 🍻

He is content if someone out there doesn’t know what he does and maybe find his blog is useful. How cool is that?

Anyway, if you need some insight related to the digital realm, you may want to check my friend’s blog!