Don’t Worry Too Much About How & When

Been living in this lovely world for 26 years has taught me one simple thing, that life is unpredictable. One simple premise that is true yet very hard to embrace. Just to give you a brief explanation, try to remember when did the last time your plan didn’t go as expected? Can you answer that? Good. Now, try to remember how many time it happens to you? Probably like a lot! 

When I say life is unpredictable, I’ve been experiencing tons of ‘plan didn’t go as expected’ stuffs in my life. Life seems unpredictable because there are lots of factors in it outside yourself. Let’s say you have a plan to have a fancy dinner. In that simple plan, there are lots of proponents that will affect your plan. Wheater can be the problem. Or maybe the restaurant you like is fully booked. Or suddenly your parents ask you to do other stuff. See? A very simple plan can be unpredictable. What about the bigger and more complex plan? The proponents involved and the probability will be more complex too, for sure.

By realizing that, I’m not the only proponent that will decide my plan, I can say that life is unpredictable. I may have prepared anything, but I will never be able to control the wheater. So, how to face this ugly truth? My method is by not worrying too much about how and when. Yes, I do only care about my goals. What I want and why I want it. I can say that the reason why I want that goal is more important than the goal itself. Why? I will explain it in a different blog post. As long as I know what my goal is, I don’t really care about how it will be done or when. Because I know life will always have tons of surprise for me. And that is the beauty of this unpredictable life. When I don’t really care about how and when, suddenly good things just happen. Because I don’t really care about how and when, life gives me a way that is beyond my expectation. And that’s okay for me because I don’t really care about how and when anyway. So, why bother? The most important thing is, I finally get what I want. I finally reach the finish line.

After embracing and implementing this simple idea, life seems easier and more fun to enjoy.