I Write to Keep My Mind Sane

I’ve just realized one weird thing lately. Wasn’t in a good health condition for the last couple of weeks, so my daily activity was a bit limited and blogging is one of which. Yes, I haven’t posted anything lately and turns out it could be a problem for me. At this point, I feel that blogging has entered a deeper level in my daily life.

It will sound weird for others, but I feel that my mind is full and crowded when I don’t do blogging. By my simple analysis, the reason is pretty simple. In the connected world, we’re always consuming content 24/7. From social media, news channel, messenger platform, ebook, and so on. Simply said, we’re in the mode of consuming content most of the time. I see the human mind just like storage. It can store millions of content and information every single day, and the number of content will keep growing time after time. For me personally, the way to keep my storage in a good condition is by creating content. My scientific background on this particular subject is obviously insufficient, and everything I said is solely based on my experiences.

By creating content, I have a good way to reprocess all the information in my mind. During the writing process, I need to recall stored information, understand it and turn it into an understandable blog post. The process, somehow, reduces the tension in my mind that might be caused by information overload. I never realized this phenomenon before, but it’s happening on me. I write to keep my sanity in this information-overflowed era. Besides, maybe there will be people who find my pieces of content is quite helpful and useful for them.

It feels good because I purely do this for myself. I don’t really care about the number, I don’t really care about the sentiment I get from others.