Positive Vibes Resonates

This blog post may sounds cliche for some people. Some others maybe will think that I’m naive. But, here it is.

A couple of days ago, I was working on a podcast hosted by Share.inc. Yes, the sharing platform I and my team have been working on for almost two years decide to use the podcast to expand our distribution. We want to create a bigger impact. Long story short, I was editing the podcast when I saw Sheggario Instagram story. He was working in his podcast, Curhat Babu, as well. Spontaneously, I replied his Instagram story with a picture of me in front of my laptop with Adobe Audition opened. I said, “Doing the same thing here. About to start spreading good things through the podcast.” After a little while, Sheggario posted my reply on his Instagram story. He said, “Positive vibes resonate.” Chill, it is not about how excited I was when saw Sheggario Instagram story mentioning me. It’s about the word he said. Positive vibes resonate.

Yes, I do believe that every vibe, whether it’s positive or negative will resonates. Somehow, this world has one interesting mechanism in spreading the vibe. When you see something bad, you will feel bad. When you see something good, you will feel good. Or, when you’re doing something good, others may feel the positive vibes too. Knowing how this vibes spread, I’ve decided to spread the positive vibes. Because I know I will never be able to eliminate the negative vibes out there, but at least I can spread the positive vibes, hoping someone out there will feel the good vibes. Further, those who feel the good vibes will do other good things. It doesn’t have to be big. It can be as simple as appreciating other works. Or post your work on social media. Hey, you never knew that your content would inspire someone out there. Maybe, they want to do the same thing with what you do, but they still need to be encouraged. What you share, maybe the things that will drive others to do the same thing. It is a very simple premise we often forget. 

I hope you remember this simple premise the next time you’re about to do something. Remember, positive vibes resonate. Start spreading the positive vibes by doing anything you can do. For me, I hope this post will remind me of this simple premise.