Pattern and How It Can Help You in Life

Been away for a while from this blogging stuffs, and it feels really good to be back again.
As always, I write this piece spontaneously. Call me impulsive, what can I say. This thought just crosses my mind, and I think it’s worth to remember, at least for me personally.

This content will talk about ‘pattern’. Yes, pattern. According to common translation, a pattern is a repeated decorative design. Another translation says a pattern is a model or design used as a guide in needlework. I, personally see there two main points in those two definitions. First, it is about repetition, and the second one is about the guide. And, during our life, we certainly walking through a pattern, whether we realize it or not. 

First, a pattern is about repetition. Along the way, we have done and been doing tons of things, right? And there will always an imaginary line tied all those things we have done. All those things may come through a different form. Maybe I joined scout in my junior high and then learned how to play jazz in my senior high, and so on. I can continue this list with more than 500 activities in my 26 years, and so can you. The important thing is about the imaginary line. If I see all the things I’ve been doing, I believe I can see the imaginary line. The abstract idea that pushes me doing the things. Further, I can identify which activities I like and which I don’t. Or which activities work for me and which don’t and why. All those repetitions should give me a very rich insight that can help me understand who I really am. What do I like, what works for me and why it works for me. 

Let’s move to the next point. A pattern can be used as a guide. Right, If I’m careful and meticulous enough, by now I should have enough information about all the things I’ve done and transformed into an observable pattern. So, the next time I’m about to make a decision, I just can glance to the stored pattern and use it as a guide. At least I’m not totally blind with will come. My past pattern will help me interpret the future. Maybe not 100% accurate, hey, but it’s better than being totally clueless. 

From now on, I think I need to be more aware of identifying my own pattern in life. 
My question is, have you identified your pattern?