What If You Would Never Failed?

Have you ever had one big dream you want so bad? A dream that always in you mind day and night. A dream that make you nervous but happy at the same time. I bet you have this kind of dream. The next question is, are you trying to get that dream? If your question is no, what is the reason? Mostly people will give up on their dream just because they’re scared if they fail. And it’s a common reason in our society. Thanks to our logical mind.

Here comes the fun part. Let’s imagine, if you have one magic chance. What if, you would never failed in catching your dream? Would you still pursue that dream? 
I’m not gonna write a long blogpost about this imaginary opportunity. I write this, to check my own dream. If I ever got that magical opportunity, would I still chase my dream? If the biggest barrier has been removed, and I still not sure with my answer, I think I need to reconsider my dream. Do I really want it?

Now, do you really want it?