Social Distancing

Hola, how’s life going? You’re still there? We’re still here, be strong!

Little thing I know, we’re bored with the situation. It’s been more than 3 weeks we’re forced to stay at home due to the social distancing direction and I’m all in with what the government says. But, it is real that social distancing has impacted all of our lives. 

Why social distancing feel so bad? Simply because we’re social creatures. We need society and other human being to stay sane. If you’re introvert, maybe it will be easier to fit in the social distancing rules. Admit it, we need the interaction. We need the existence of others. We need direct communication.

What drives us crazy? In the term of working life, so many people asked for remote working toward their company. We really want to be able work from home and now, we get it. We should be happy, shouldn’t we? Let me explain the differences between what we ask and what we get.

For people who asked for remote working before this pandemic, these people are aware of the consequences. It is an active choices. We want to just WORK AT HOME. We just want the flexibility, not the permanent condition of staying at home. During remote working, we can just hang out with our friends after office hours. Even when we’re feeling not in the mood of working from home, we can visit nearest coffee place to replace our home. Remote working, only affect the flexibility and responsibility in our working life. That’s it. It won’t ruin our social life.

Let’s take a look at our current condition. We’re forced to do ANYTHING at home. From opening our eyes at the morning, working, till midnight. Home is the only available place for us right now. Can you see the differences? Now we can not hang out after office hours. Now we can not visit the nearest coffee shop every time we’re bored at home. Now our choices are limited. It’s the only thing we can do.

That what makes lot of people insane. I know it really sucks, but we need to be patient. It won’t be a permanent circumstances. Be patient, so we can all get back to our normal life anytime soon.

It might sounds cliche, but during this social distancing rules, we have tons of plenty time. Why don’t we use it to do some stuffs we haven’t done? Or to learn some new skills? Or anything we want to do.

Stay strong, be safe, we’ll be better soon!