do good marketing or do good for marketing?

In the marketing realm, it’s a never-ending debate about what’s good for marketing. In fact, I can say there’s no fixed formula for good marketing. Why? Because we’re talking about humans, and humans always change.

Instead of arguing which is the best for marketing, I prefer to dig the other side of marketing. It’s my version of the question, “What’s more important: do good for marketing or do good for marketing?”

Yes, marketing is indeed crucial for every business and every business does its own marketing effort. This is when a new problem happens. Everyone does marketing and it’s kind of hard to be surprisingly stand out from the crowd. Do good for marketing is the only way jargon you will ever hear from a marketing guy/advertising guy. But what’s good for marketing? In my opinion, the answer is simple: do good.

Do good marketing is not enough. You can post daily content on social media, create beautiful long-form videos for your YouTube channel, and maybe pay an influencer to spread the word. It’s all been done for good marketing. But is it really good enough? Here’s the secret recipe: when you do all the things with not good cause, it will only become noise.

Instead of taking all of your effort for good marketing, just do something good (even it’s so small) for your environment. When you do something good (e.g., helping others learning new skills, reducing waste, spreading awareness about certain social issues), your effort will do all the marketing. Why? People love good causes because they want to be good too. Simple right?

Instead of saying, “I sell the best social media strategy for growing companies!” for your marketing messages, try to really teach others how to implement good social media strategy because you want them to be skillful. 

I know, most people will think doing good, will only waste their time, effort, and resources. When we do good, at least we really help someone. We’re not just selling and bombarding people with meaningless marketing messages.

Now, it’s your choice. Do good marketing or do good for marketing?