Tidak Menekan, Memberi Pandangan

Tidak menekan, memberi pandangan. Kalimat yang cukup menohok untuk saya pribadi. Begini seharusnya cara kita untuk memperluas pandangan orang lain.  Begini seharusnya cara yang digunakan untuk memberi insight baru. Begini seharusnya cara untuk berbagi. Memberi […]

Tentang Menjadi Kreatif

Setiap mendengar kata kreatif, beberapa hal yang langsung terlintas di pikiran adalah: designer, musisi, illustrator, penulis, dan atribut lainnya yang dekat dengan karya. Ya, banyak orang yang menjadikan kreatif dan karya sebagai satu paket. Satu […]

Does Visual Matter?

Don’t judge a book by its cover. How many time we’ve heard that advices? Feels like it’s been told to us over and over again. This post will cover the perspective around that premise from […]

What If You Would Never Failed?

Have you ever had one big dream you want so bad? A dream that always in you mind day and night. A dream that make you nervous but happy at the same time. I bet […]

Lelah, Alasan, dan Korelasinya

Dalam kurun waktu dua tahun, ada cukup banyak hal yang sudah saya lakukan. Memulai bisnis bernama StudiBrand.inc, gambling memulai satu platform belajar alternatif tentang brand & digital bernama Share.inc, menyelesaikan studi jenjang S1 adalah beberapa […]

Pattern and How It Can Help You in Life

Been away for a while from this blogging stuffs, and it feels really good to be back again.As always, I write this piece spontaneously. Call me impulsive, what can I say. This thought just crosses […]

I Write to Keep My Mind Sane

I’ve just realized one weird thing lately. Wasn’t in a good health condition for the last couple of weeks, so my daily activity was a bit limited and blogging is one of which. Yes, I […]

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Positive Vibes Resonates

This blog post may sounds cliche for some people. Some others maybe will think that I’m naive. But, here it is.A couple of days ago, I was working on a podcast hosted by Share.inc. Yes, […]

An Introduction: Why I Make Content

I never called myself a content creator. I know it’s weird. I do make content across several platforms, but I don’t think the term content creator fits me. It’s only my personal preference. I just […]

New Way to Determine a Brand Touch Point

I just re-read a very good book titled The Brand Flip by Marty Neumeier. If you’ve been following me on my digital channel, I’m sure you have heard this name before. Marty Neumeier is the […]

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You Know Something They Don’t

I’ve posted a blog about how people know something I don’t. It’s a good point of view that keeps me humble when meeting new people. In my mind, I’m repeating this mantra, “There will always […]

Don’t Wait Until You’re Big

Most people will wait. Yes, we do like to wait.We are waiting for the ideal moment.We are waiting for the perfect client.We are waiting for the right partner.We are waiting for the next offer.We are […]